Fashionplatekc’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide


The Holiday’s are officially here and what better time to give a gift. Sometimes it hard to purchase things for friends and loved ones as let’s face it they can be picky. The truth is I have picky people in my family as well., You are not alone. I’ve come up with a quick gift guide to help satisfy the needs of those and will have you looking like a Holiday Hero.

1) The ” Wait! My battery is always low” Girlfriend


I recently found this charging wallet when I attend my blogger boo (Sarah Scoop’s Holiday Event at JC Penney – be sure to call your nearest store as there were ton’s in stock at my local store). This beautiful wallet can also be worn as a wristlet when going out as well. I selected this as my gift for a girlfriend like myself whose always on the go and always running out of juice on her cell phone. Now your girlfriend can remain stylish and keep her cell phone charged at the same time – Bonus!

2) The No-Baking (but wishes she knew how to bake) Mom


I have always been a fan of Mrs. Fields cookies set. I remember going to the mall and ordering my favorite cookie – Chocolate Chip Pecan. As a mom that loves to cook and not much of a baker, I fell in love with this cookie set. Why do you ask? This beautiful set can be used for two purposes: 1) Now you can set out a beautiful holiday plating set to arrange these treats on and  2) Use the Mr. and Mrs. Santa they came with as a holiday display as well. There are other cookie set options to choose from as well –  Non-baking Mom for the win!

3) The “I can fix it – but really don’t have the tools” Dad


My Dad has tools, but when its time to fix things around the house he always seems to be missing one of his wrenches. Channellock 4 in 1 wrench set to the rescue! This fantastic set boasts four sizes and each wrench which saves time and money. Now your Dad or favorite tool guy will never have to worry about buying multiple wrenches again. Plus, each wrench comes complete with an electronic coating to prevent rusting. 

4) The “I don’t need anything” Grandparent

UncommonGoods A Grandparent's Journal- Experience and Advice

My parents loved us as children, but to be honest, it seems as if they are particularly fond of their grandchildren. My dad always shares stories like – when I was a boy this happened type of memories. But as you know, parent’s will not be around all of our lives. So the gift of memories is a great gift (The Experience journal). This gift allows a grandparent to share their special moments spent with each child; and also gives the child an opportunity to reflect back on that time.

5) The “Plays with toys for only two weeks and I’m done” Child.

My kids have a laundry list of items they would like for Christmas. If I may be honest my husband and me only usually purchase their top three gifts. This year we want to give the gift of memories, long after the batteries run out on that toy we know that memories they’ll remember for a lifetime.

This year teaches your kids the value of giving back; we plan to volunteer at a local soup kitchen this year. You can have your kids donate their old toys, volunteer your time at a place of need, or give to those who are in need. The purpose is to give of yourself with the family – Best memory ever!

6) The “BWF” Best Work Friend


Give the gift that keeps on giving – A Starbucks  egift card! My coworkers and I love Starbucks. And by giving a gift card, it allows your work BFF to buy whatever their hearts desire.


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